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    Glow in the Dark Big Pop Its


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    Children everywhere are obsessed with thepop it fidget toys.They were initially designed to provide a sensory and tactile experience to help children who may benefit from extra assistance to concentrate. But thepop itshave taken over school playgrounds and households. Even teachers have realized the learning opportunities usingpop its and incorporated them in-class activities.

    The popitis also a great fidget toy for hair pullers, skin pickers, and other sensory seekers.

    The novel glow-in-the-darkpop it will absorb light from the sun, flashlight, or another light source. Then, when put in the dark, will emit beautiful greenish light.

    Thesefidget toyscome in various shapes, sizes and colours: from small blue unicorns to round rainbowjumbo pop it.Glow in the dark, bright colours, and pleasant sounds are sure to please any child. So get one for yours today! Pare it with a pop it bracelet and your child will never misplace their favorite pop it fidget toy again. 

    Pare it with 

    • Pop It Australia Features and Benefits

      ✨ Made of safe, non-toxic silicone

      ✨ Reusable and washable

      ✨ Lightweight and portable

      ✨Endless fun while playing the pop it game

      ✨ Help children manage emotions and focus better

      ✨The bubble pop helps adults calm down or work with feelings like anger