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  • Blue Orange Kingdomino Board Game

    2 - 4 players, ages 8 years+

    Get ready to conquer medieval lands in the award-winning best-selling board game, Kingdomino from Blue Orange! This game is a hit with families everywhere, and for good reason.

    In Kingdomino, you play the role of a Lord looking to expand your kingdom. Just like in the classic game of dominoes, you'll need to match up your landscape tiles to build your domain. But here's the catch - you'll only score points if there's a crown on each tile. So, strategic placement is key!

    The choice of tile you make each round determines the order of play for the next round. Wise decisions now mean you'll have a competitive edge later on. Every round brings new choices that will make or break your kingdom.

    This game is easy to learn, thanks to its tile system that's reminiscent of dominoes. Simply connect your new tiles to your existing kingdom by matching up terrain types. The player who picks first is determined by the previous tile choice, so pick wisely!

    The game ends when each player completes a 5x5 grid or fails to do so, and the points are tallied based on the number of connecting tiles and precious crown symbols.

    Kingdomino makes a fantastic gift for boys and girls. So gather your loved ones, prepare for epic battles, and conquer the kingdom!

    Learning opportunities: strategy, problem-solving

    Kingdomino award-winning game features:

    • Recommended for 8 years+
    • 2 – 4 players
    • Play time: 15 min
    • Includes: 4 3D Castles, 48 Dominoes, 8 Wooden King Tokens, Illustrated Rules
    • Awards: SPIEL DES JAHRES winner 2017