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  • Blue Orange Gobblet Gobblers Board Game

    2 players, ages 5 years+

    Challenge your memory and sense of humour with this hilarious and easy-to-learn strategy game. Gobblet Gobblers will bring on the laughs with adorable characters in a tic-tac-toe style game. To win, just connect three of your Gobblers in a row. But beware! These Gobblers are not only hungry for fun, they're also hungry for other Gobblers. And here's the twist: you can stack larger Gobblers on top of smaller ones to boost your chances of winning or defending yourself!

    Good strategy games require quick thinking and lots of brainpower. "Gobblet Gobblers" is the perfect game to start with, as it will train children’s visual memory, decision-making skills, and strategic thinking. For children on the autism spectrum, this game can be a great tool to teach social skills and concepts such as over/under, first/next/last, diagonal/straight, big/little, small/medium/large, or tall/short. Children with delayed language development can benefit from learning these concepts, as well as describing their actions and imagining "what if?"

    Learning opportunities: lateral thinking and hand-eye coordination, word recognition, vocabulary building, problem-solving, and following directions.

    Get ready to gobble and giggle your way through a fun and educational experience!

     Gobblet Gobblers game features:

    • 2 players
    • Suitable for ages 5+
    • 1 wooden grid
    • 12 wooden gobblers ( 6 in orange, 6 in blue)that come in several different sizes:  2 large Gobblers, 2 medium Gobblers, and 2 small Gobblers for each colour.
    • Illustrated rules
    • Awards: Oppenheim Gold Seal; Dr Toy Best Games; Nappa Gold Award