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  • Ark Chewable Loop Necklace

    The Chewable Loop Necklace by Ark is a perfect chewelry option for those seeking a safe alternative to chewing on non-food items such as pencils, shirts, fingers, and it can help calm, focus, and self-regulating. With a thickness of just 0.5 cm. this product is considered to be the thinnest chewable option out of all other products manufactured by Ark. Not only is it an excellent option for anyone in need of something very soft to chew on, but also for those seeking simple, discreet-looking, and neutral colour-coded chewelry purposely designed for teens and adults.


    Like all other ARK chewelry, the Loop necklace is made in the USA and is available in 3 colour-coded toughness levels:

    • Standard- This is the softest level, recommended for mild chewers (those who do not chew through anything).
    • XT / Medium Firm- This is the middle level, which we call XT ("Xtra Tough").  It's firmer, but still fairly chewy.
    • XXT / Very Firm- This is the toughest level, which we call XXT ("Xtra Xtra Tough").  It's the firmest level.

    Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA by ARK Therapeutic.  Medical grade, FDA compliant, NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.

    It's important to note that even at the XXT level, the pendant's thinness affects its durability, and it should not be considered a long-lasting chew necklace for moderate to avid chewing. Choose your level of toughness from the menu above and enjoy a well-made product that serves your needs.