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  • Addict a Ball Maze 2 with 138 stages

    1 player, ages 6 - Adult

    Introducing the Addict-a-Ball: a mesmerizing challenge that will captivate you for hours. With its transparent orb, you'll twist, turn, and tilt your way through a 3D maze filled with platforms, holes, and spirals. Don't be fooled by its simplicity - this low-tech ball-through-maze game is frustratingly addictive and will keep you hooked.

    To conquer the Addict-a-Ball, you must navigate a plethora of obstacles, from platforms and arches to daunting holes. This means you'll need to twist and turn the ball a full 360 degrees to reach your goal. But beware, this labyrinth-like structure is no walk in the park. Prepare to lose yourself in hours of mind-boggling fun as you strive to master it.

    With its universal appeal, the Addict-a-Ball is the perfect gift for anyone looking for a fun and challenging adventure. Whether you choose Maze 2 with its 138 numbered sections or the travel-friendly Maze 1 with 100 sections, you're guaranteed a challenging and entertaining experience. Get ready to embark on the addicting adventure of a lifetime!

    Learning Opportunities: Improves Patience, Dexterity, and Hand-Eye Coordination