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  • Junior Learning Boiling Over Anger Management Game

    Ages 5 – 8 years

    Introduce your children to the art of staying calm with the Junior Learning Boiling Over Game! This engaging and educational game helps kids develop essential anger management skills while having fun with their friends and family.

    Boiling Over Learning Outcomes:

    • Anger Management Skills: Helps children identify and manage their anger triggers through engaging game play. 
    • Calmness and Patience: Encourages kids to stay calm under pressure, promoting emotional regulation.
    • Social Interaction: Improves communication and social skills by playing with family and friends.
    • Memory and Concentration: Enhances cognitive abilities with memory-matching challenges.

    Boiling Over Game Key Features:

      • Educational Content: Boiling Over is designed to teach kids how to manage their anger positively and recognize their anger triggers.
      • Interactive Gameplay: Compete in this unique emotional skills style memory game by matching as many ‘Keep Calm’ cards as possible before uncovering the ‘Boiling Over’ cards.
      • Inclusive Design: Perfect for home, classroom, or therapy sessions, making it a versatile tool for parents, educators, and therapists alike.
      • Comprehensive Card Set: Includes 24 ‘Keep Calm’ cards and 3 ‘Boiling Over’ cards to enhance learning and keep the game exciting.
      • Winning Strategy: The player with the most matched pairs at the end of the game is declared the winner, making it both fun and challenging.

    Who Can Benefit?

      • Kids: Learn essential emotional skills in a fun, interactive way.
      • Parents: Use the game as a tool to teach children about anger management at home.
      • Therapists: Incorporate the game into therapy sessions to help children understand and manage their emotions.
      • Teachers: Utilize the game in classrooms to foster a positive learning environment focused on emotional skills.

    Get your hands on the Junior Learning Boiling Over Game today and help your children master the skills of staying calm, cool, and collected!

    What's in the box:

      • 24 ‘Keep Calm’ cards
      • 3 ‘Boiling Over’ cards
      • Game board

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