LCD writing tablets

Kids drawing tablets are an awesome literacy tool at home, in the car, in the classroom. Great for homework and remote studying, our doddle pads are multi-sensory tools to assist with learning and fun. Use the stylus to write on the screen, do sums, draw or play games. When you’re done, press the button and it all disappears. This feature makes our drawing pad for kids especially useful for those who struggle with literacy and writing, as it helps reduce the frustration of error.

Our doodle drawing board comes in different colours and sizes. They have been designed with kids in mind: lightweight, thin, portable yet durable. Some of them come with magnets, so you can attach them to the fridge and use as memo boards.

The LCD writing tablet makes an inspired gift for boys and girls over 2 years old. They are so convenient to bring in the car, on a plane or in a restaurant. The perfect reusable device that is mess free, radiation free and never needs to be charged. Get one for your child today.